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  • Piquant de Renes Training
    Piquant de Renes Training

    Studded reins Used only for training. Velcro fastening Prohibited...

    25,00 €
  • Mouth brush training
    Mouth brush training

    Nail Mouth Brush Used for horses having difficulty turning, in training...

    20,00 €
  • Equistar

    Detangling hair, polishing coat. spray bottles  : 750 ml

    19,00 €
  • Race Goggles TKO
    Race Goggles TKO

    Race glasses TKO Size : one Color :...

    32,90 €


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  • 28,40 € Out of stock

    Omega3.6.9 Maintains & enhances body weight OMEGA 3 6 9 is a source of essential fatty acids, thanks to soya oil (important source of omega 6), canola oil (source of omega 9) and linseed oil (important source of omega 3),  bring in an ideal proportion. The formula OMEGA 3 6 9 also provides a major antioxidant, vitamin E, complementary to the addition...

    28,40 €
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  • 18,50 € Out of stock

    Healthy gut function Thanks to its composition rich in emulsified linseed oil and calcium salts, TRANSIREGUL helps to act in a beneficial way on transit and on digestion. Linseed oil exerts a lubricating action and is an important source of omega 3 and 6. TRANSIREGUL is particularly recommended for horses prone to digestive discomfort. It can be...

    18,50 €
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  • 62,40 € In stock

    GASTRIX is a solution which combines plants virtues and raw materials rigorously selected to soothe the mucous membrane. Cider vinegar exerts a beneficial action against erosions of the mucosa, and is also a regulator of gastric acidity. Cabbage helps to protect and regenerate damaged tissue and honey exerts its soothing and softening action. GASTRIX is...

    62,40 €
    In stock
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items