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    Muscular support, acid-base balance LACTOMUSCLE is composed mainly of sodium citrate known as buffering agent. LACTOMUSCLE is particularly recommended for athletic horses subjected to post-stress muscle disorders. 1 L dosing bottle, sufficient for 33 days.

    19,84 €
    In re-delivery, delivery expected in 4 days
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    DOLOPHYT is a complex of plant extracts including thyme, meadow queen and licorice known for their anti-inflammatory properties. DOLOPHYT is particularly suitable for athletes who are subject to locomotor discomfort (stiffness, gait irregularity, lameness), horses sujected to articular troubles and for convalescent or elderly horses. DOLOPHYT can be...

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    HARGOPHYT is a concentrate of plant extracts including Harpagophytum, field horsetail and blackcurrant. HARGOPHYT is particularly recommended for horses subject to stiffness at the beginning of the session and after work. Conditioning:1 L dosing bottle, sufficient for 20 days for a horse at maintenance.  Doping control: It is necessary to suspend the...

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    DMSO Purity 99.7% Diméthylsulfoxyde ( ch3-so ) Can of 475ml

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items