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  • Piquant de Renes Training
    Piquant de Renes Training

    Studded reins Used only for training. Velcro fastening Prohibited...

    25,00 €
  • Mouth brush training
    Mouth brush training

    Nail Mouth Brush Used for horses having difficulty turning, in training...

    20,00 €
  • Equistar

    Detangling hair, polishing coat. spray bottles  : 750 ml

    19,00 €
  • Race Goggles TKO
    Race Goggles TKO

    Race glasses TKO Size : one Color :...

    32,90 €


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  • 36,91 € In re-delivery, delivery expected in 15 days

    B-QUIET is a complete solution based on L-Tryptophan for its relaxing effects, magnesium and B-group vitamins (especially B1) known to preserve nervous and muscular balances. B-QUIET is particularly recommended for anxious and/or nervous horses, during stressful events (transport, competition, change of environment, ...). B-QUIET does not alter the...

    36,91 €
    In re-delivery, delivery expected in 15 days
  • 36,90 € In re-delivery, delivery expected in 4 days

    OVARY STAB is a solution based on plant extracts including turmeric and its active principle Curcumin, known to reduce the severity of the symptoms associated with disorders of the ovarian cycle. OVARY STAB is particularly recommended for mares who are difficult at work, sensitive, with bad character, stressed or aggressive. 1 L dosing bottle, sufficient...

    36,90 €
    In re-delivery, delivery expected in 4 days
  • 29,90 € in stock

    Radical against flies, horse flies, flat flies and ticks. Ready to use, effectively protects your animals' environment against flat flies, ticks, horseflies. Directions for use: the gun sprays 1 ml of product by pressing on the sprayer. Apply 3 sprays per 10 kilos of weight. Rub the hair by spreading it with your hand up to the skin. Do not spray the...

    29,90 €
    in stock
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items